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Dear Friends of the Abbey,

We want to inform our friends and benefactors of some very good news!

We, the abbot and monks of Holy Trinity Abbey, have reconsidered our options for building a new monastery complex that is to replace the aging, increasingly--decrepit temporary Quonset-hut building which has served us as a dwelling-place since shortly after the establishment of our monastery in 1947.

Our new option is this: to proceed with construction in two separate phases rather than attempting to build everything at once, and to use our own funds for Phase One.

This revision in plans and consequent reduction in costs will enable us to fund Phase One almost entirely with our own revenues, slowly earned and carefully saved over a period of almost sixty years. These revenues were originally earmarked for various purposes (such as health care needs) which providentially have become less urgent than originally expected.

These funds will enable us to begin and complete the construction of twenty-four monks’ rooms, eight guest/retreat rooms, a temporary church (later to be used as a chapter house), a library, kitchen, dining area, and other essential elements.

Though providing only half the buildings of our original master plan, these components will enable the entire monastic community, together with a modest number of guests, to move at the same time into the new facility, hopefully by late 2006.

The funding of Phase One does not eliminate our need for financial assistance. Unforeseen expenses can arise in any building program, even in one as well-programmed and managed as ours. Furthermore, Phase Two (which includes the construction of a permanent church, additional guest/retreat rooms, a welcome center and gift shop, plus subsidiary items such as roads, workshops, and proper landscaping) remains as yet unfunded.

In conclusion, we want to thank our many friends who have participated up to now in our capital campaign for the construction of a new monastery building complex, and we continue to welcome the spiritual and financial involvement of all interested parties as we endeavor to maintain our Trappist-Cistercian monastic presence in the State of Utah. We are in fact the only male Catholic monastic community in the entire Great Basin area of the inter-mountain West, a region almost as large as Spain or France!

With deep gratitude,

Abbot Casimir Bernas, o.c.s.o.

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